STR Communication System is a leading radio communications provider in the South Africa and provides communication services to the Mining, Forestry, Safety and Agricultural Industries.

STR provides a critical service in the Mining Industry when it comes to safety and productivity through the development and supply of innovative and reliable communication systems.

In the Forestry Industry it is of the utmost importance to provide reliable products as well as service in order to ensure safe and successful fire fighting during peak fire seasons. Therefore STR has developed tailor-made solutions specifically aimed at the Forestry Industry which include "Man Down" and "Tracking" solutions.

We also supply fleet solutions for individual and global radio user control, which include per user interrogation and monitoring, complete logging and recording of all fleet and radio activity which can be tailor-made to customer specification. On the Agricultural side STR provides affordable solutions to our customers when it comes to communications and safety.

We also have a fully equipted workshop to do all development and repairs in-house on all of our products, ensuring reliable, effective and durable solutions.